One Day I’ll Be Free

I was staring on the blackboard, when one of my classmates got everyone’s attention. He was sleeping, right there, in the middle of our history class. I heard our teacher say, “Shhh, don’t wake him up! He’s dreaming of a better Philippines.” And everybody laughed.

THAT was high school.

Don’t you miss those days? Back when things were simpler, just pass the exams and you’ll be alright. You can sleep in class and not get fired. You can make mistakes and only loose some points, not millions for some business God knows who owns. The consequences of what you do and what you choose affect no one else but you. Throwing surprise parties for the teacher when you were supposed to have class was a smart way to escape it. And you can get away with it, feeling even more loved and appreciated.

Oh, how I miss those days! When I can afford to stop, stare and not jeopardize my future. I can be different and not be so bad. I can be creative and not be defiant. When learning was not constrained and money was not all that matters, I sleep and wake up without the worries of this world. I can choose whom I would want to spend my time with and not have to sit down on lunch-outs when I don’t feel like it.

When I was a student, I wanted nothing else but to graduate thinking that’s how I’d finally be free. If I knew then what I know now, I would’ve wished those days would never end.

Those were the days when every day was new. Now, the passing days are just all the same old calculating. These Excel files, oh how boring!

I was staring on the blackboard then.. and everybody laughed. I’m still staring on a screen here now wishing I were sleeping like my classmate was.

But then again I thought, even if I were sleeping, still I will wake up dreaming

–One day I’ll be free.



Featured Photo is from Oren Lavie’s music video “Her Morning Elegance”. Watch it here.


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Sailing with the wind, fighting my way out of loneliness and into life, I seek the face of God day by day as I walk in the light of His daily sufficient grace.

4 thoughts on “One Day I’ll Be Free”

  1. Ha, this is true, we always think there is more freedom where we are not. I sometimes miss school but I don’t miss the homework and writing essays 🙂 Also, love the song that you shared.


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