A Closer Look at Those Lemons

Did I just read the word audit in today’s Blogging 201 assignment? Of course, I know how to do that. I’ve been an auditor for quite some time and have global certifications to prove my qualification. One thing I haven’t done though was to audit my own work. I guess that will fall into self-assessment more than auditing. Regardless of the term though, it’s quite hard to criticize one’s own work. You either become too critical that you lose your confidence or become too proud to see what’s wrong or lacking. So striking a balance between the two is what I’ll try to do for this assignment.

During an audit, the starting point is always the objective of whatever it is being audited. Every audit area will be based on that, how much it helps or endangers the achievement of that objective. So that’s what I’ll try to do with my own blog.

1. Header Image: Choosing this photo just shows how conservative I am with the blog’s design. It runs on one color–yellow and it resonates the second word in the blog’s name in a very straightforward manner. It can easily be associated with the brand. Notice how I made use of a slice of lemon instead of a whole? Well, aside from aesthetics, it’s also because a lemon slice shows the inside of the lemon and its intricate details, it’s also where the taste comes from. It’s consistent with the blog’s objective as stated in the about page, “(Life’s) flavors and what I make of them are what I’d like to share in this blog, hoping to also encourage you to appreciate the different flavors of lemons that life throws your way.” The image also shows a drop of juice about to fall from that slice which represents something I also said, “My own life is a product of constant squeezing and crushing and juicing of lemons…”

I’m quite happy about it. It’s a simple, almost translucent image that represents what the blog is about. So, I’m keeping it!

2. Background Color: None. I would like to be consistent with the minimalist approach to my blog design so I’m also maintaining this for now.

3. The Tagline: While it might seem incoherent with the blog name, it is aligned with the blog’s theme. I also think placing that widget on the sidebar to explain what it means helps give perspective to a newly visiting reader. I wonder if they’d think the same way about it too, though.

4. The Theme & Layout: I like that my theme highlights the contents of the blog. I also like that everything one needs to see appears all in one place, one side of the page in particular. Again, I am definitely minimalist. And so is the blog.

5. Widget Titles: This is something I just added today in the process of doing the assignment. I “personalized” the names of each section of my blog and made them in sync with all the rest of the elements. The only thing I’m having trouble with is changing the message or call to action for leaving comments. My theme does not seem to allow customizing that one.

6. Menu/Categories: As I’ve clearly set-out in my goals, the categories are essential to building my blog’s image and more importantly, the contents. It shows right underneath the blog title so it practically tells the reader right away what the blog is about at a glance, literally. Seeing this section would send the message right away that the blog is a life blog in particular.

7. Social Media Links: It is recommended that I do this. But, I realized that as of the moment, it’s not part of my blogging strategy to go into this route. I would like to focus on purely blogging (WordPress) first and then see later on whether the need for Social Media accounts can be justified.

8. My Gravatar: This echoes my blog’s look. With a few words and a simple (almost monochromatic) photo, it’s also very minimalist. I’m afraid that my self description may not be too comprehensive when it comes to linking it with the blog’s objectives. But I guess I’m keeping it at that for now until I find the inspiration to describe myself in a few words and in a way that’s more connected with the blog’s theme. Truth be told, I find it a difficult task describing myself. I’d rather focus on something else.

9. My Username and Nickname: I personally think this audit area is of very low risk to really ponder on. “Low risk” in audit means it can only have very little impact to achieving the blog’s objectives. But if anyone disagrees with me, please voice out your opinion in the comments section. I’d be glad to be corrected of this opinion. So you’d like to know why it’s “sassycare”? I’ve used it as a username for most of my other social media accounts. And it helps keep me anonymous. And years back, I actually researched about it (yes, believe me). It means lively, bold and full of spirit. Care is my nickname in real life. If that relates to the blog as whole, ummm.. I’ll let you judge!

10. Links, links, link: I know I should be putting up my blogroll really soon. Showing what kind of blogs I follow would reveal a lot about my own blog as well. That’s an action plan for me right there. This would be a personal weekend assignment for me.

So that’s it. I may not have made a very good unbiased audit of the blog. But to my defense, it’s really hard. I was an auditor, not a self-assessor! Overall, I’m happy with what I’ve achieved with branding since my Blogging101 days. I may have focused too much on this area when I was doing that course and I’m thankful it came in pretty handy for today’s assignment.

If you agree with me or think otherwise, won’t you let me know through a comment, please? I’d appreciate it.

I wish sweet-tasting lemons come your way today! Cheers!


Featured Photo was taken from www.fotolia.com


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Sailing with the wind, fighting my way out of loneliness and into life, I seek the face of God day by day as I walk in the light of His daily sufficient grace.

18 thoughts on “A Closer Look at Those Lemons”

  1. I’m linking to your post today in my blogging 101 class and am wondering if you are ok with me using a screen shot of your flavored lemons the small part with your site’s name just under ‘serving suggestions’ -you did a great job with your audit and I am mentioning that in my post and wanted to include an image of yours and memee’s from Memees musings. Cheers -thanks -Bonny


    1. Hello Bonny! Man, I am so sorry I missed this. Is it too late to respond?

      Of course, it’d be my pleasure to be mentioned on your blog. I’m thrilled actually! That’s actually very sweet of you and it is very much appreciated. Owing to my inexperience with monitoring notifications, I failed to give this the prompt attention it deserves. But that should not be taken as a reflection of my feelings toward it.

      And hey, Happy Love Day to you! 🙂


      1. no worries- I did link to your blog but did not add the lemon pict ’cause didn’t want to assume anything – all good- great blog by the way -your audit of your work is a great example !


      2. Glad to be of help. We’re nearly finished with our Blogging 201 classes and I hope I was able to share the satisfaction I feel with that class enough to push you to take it after your 101! Happy Blogging to us! 🙂


  2. I am glad I took the time to read your audit. I had no idea what to do with this and as you said, assessing your own work can leave you without clear sight of its faults. I know I love how my blog looks, but it certainly is not all of the same theme. It’s a jumble by comparison. Of course my blog is a jumble of meandering thoughts so perhaps it is appropriate. I’ll have to keep working on this particular assignment, but your write up of how you went through it all is very helpful in understanding the process I need to follow. Thanks for using your expertise on this assignment!


    1. Wow, to be honest I never thought anyone could have good use for my already rusty “audit skills” outside the office. But I’m really happy it helped you realize what you want to work on your own blog. It makes me smile to think I’m not alone in this journey. Let’s keep improving our own blogs through these “An Idiot’s Guide to Blogging” phase. Glad to have you around in this journey! We can do this!!! 🙂 (If not, I’d agree to repeat 101 and 201 with you, til we’re happy with our results!!!) LOL

      Liked by 1 person

    1. Yes, I stopped to think about that name for some time, it does seem fancy. But then again, it kinds of work out for me and inspires me, so I decided to stick with it. 🙂 I’m glad you appreciated the layout! Thank you. 🙂

      Liked by 1 person

    1. Thanks for that @mboki_m. I came from.. well, no design and using only the default theme which was Twenty Fourteen when I started. Blogging 101 helped me a lot (though I didn’t really finish all the assignments). I’m glad you like it! 🙂


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