Aim High, Hit High!

Ironically following my post about how I flunked Blogging101, here I am, alive and hopeful for the next course. This is my first post for Blogging201, and it’s just quite right to start it off with goal-setting. There are reasons I wasn’t happy with my performance as a 101 student, so that seems like a pretty good starting point. I want to be successful by the end of 201. But first let me spell out what failure and success are for me:

Failure Factor 1: I didn’t keep up with the assignments in Blogging 101. Like most bloggers, I don’t do blogging as a full-time career (how I just wish!). I have a day job and on top of that, I’m studying for my first scheduled CPA exam early in March, so where was I seriously expecting that blogging time to come from, right? So I did fail in this area. I wasn’t regularly checking the Daily Post until all those homeworks piled up to the point that I got overwhelmed trying to find out where to start catching up.

Key Success Factor 1: Determination: Finding time to check the assignments and turning them in on time

Goal #1: I am seriously finishing 100% of Blogging201 assignments within the same week they got posted. They come in daily, so that means I am posting daily* for the whole duration of the course, which will only help me build the habit of regularly publishing a post. A habit I would like to bring with me even way after the end of the course. So what if it’s just virtually impossible for me to post on a certain day? Well, the goal is to turn the assignment up on the same week it got posted. So the “most late” I could be is 6 days. Yes, this should work.

 *Wednesdays will be an exception since I have Bible Study Group on those days, I will have to catch-up on the weekend.


Failure Factor 2: I didn’t have a solid editorial plan. It was only in the latter part of Blogging 101 that I came to decide on what my blog will be about. If there’s one thing I did right in that course, that’s finally coming up with my four main blog categories: Career, Love, God and A Migrant’s Journey. The failing point is that I only randomly publish posts about anything and then think about in which category the post would fall into later. There’s nothing particularly wrong with that. But I guess, that approach made my posts a little too random.

Key Success Factor 2: Discipline: Guiding my own thoughts towards appreciating all the areas of life that matters in accordance to their rightful weight of importance

Goal #2: I am going to publish a minimum number of posts per week/month for each of my blog categories.  The key is to be intentional. If I want to be serious towards pursuing my blog’s vision and my brand‘s promise, I should be consistent. I wrote in the life’s about page that Flavored Lemons is about walking my life as I pursue fulfillment in these four aspects so it should only follow that my readers get that. I am easily tempted to write more about one and less of another so that should be remedied. Setting when to publish something for each category exactly should do the trick. Keeping up with a schedule would also help me balance my thoughts and feel consistently well-balanced. The schedule should be as follows:

Career & Aspirations – min. 2 per month
Love & Relationships – min. 3 per month
God & Meaning – min. 5 per month AND at least 1 every week
A Migrant’s Journey – at least once weekly


Failure Factor 3: They kept on saying no blog is an island, but I didn’t take that one too seriously. In Blogging 101, I concentrated on publishing posts. I got comfortable with writing and forgot about the other equally important part of blogging–building community. I have given my neighbor bloggers less than the attention they deserve. I guess, I did not participate actively enough. But then again… Hey, I didn’t even have the time to finish my own assignments!

Key Success Factor 3: Proactive Cooperation: Seeking inspiration from others with the intention of building a community of happy bloggers

Goal #3: I will allot at least 2 hours a week reading other people’s blogs, leaving comments to at least 3 posts I genuinely find engaging.  Visiting my reader more frequently would be key to achieving this goal. My blog is a life blog. That being said, a lot of other people’s blogs may very easily have themes that coincide with mine. This would also train me sort out stuff and identify those I love and am interested in. I had a head-start on this goal today and that made me realize there is so much more to learn from others, and each of their thoughts can only make one’s writing better. Broadening perspective, especially for a life-blogger, is particularly important.


So there, my 3 goals for the blog. To be honest, it was tempting to also set a goal on reaching a number of followers. But then again I thought: that’s one part of blogging I have little direct control over, so this one should be a silent goal. I decided on focusing on the controllable ones in the hopes that these will indirectly lead to reaching that, too.


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Sailing with the wind, fighting my way out of loneliness and into life, I seek the face of God day by day as I walk in the light of His daily sufficient grace.

8 thoughts on “Aim High, Hit High!”

  1. Yes, I just wanted to stop in and say that (and apparently I am not alone) I love the look and feel of your blog, the branding and imagery, and the clean style. It looks beautiful! You go girl! Keep diggin’ in!

    ☀ Memee


  2. Do you remember when you asked us before of what you should blog about or what’s your expertise or which topics will we ask advice from you? If I look back at all the questions I asked you before, they’re about marriage, work, faith and migration! And now they’re the main categories of your blog. I’m happy to see the growth of your blog and your passion for it as the days go by. 🙂

    Liked by 2 people

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