So this is how it feels to flunk…

So the bloggers I follow posted about the success of their Blogging101 journey and I’m like “What? The course is finished?” Regrettably, I’m not as successful as most of them are. One of my BloggingU batchmates pointed out that I’ve not finished most of the assignments which spells the difference between my progress and theirs. Truth be told, if there a way to fail that course, I would have. But then again, it’s not too late, right? And as the next course doesn’t require that I pass 101 as a pre-requisite (how good is this university?), I’m jumping straight into the next challenge. No, I won’t repeat 101 (though for a second I thought of it). I’ll move forward and keep getting better.


So Blogging201, here we go!



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Sailing with the wind, fighting my way out of loneliness and into life, I seek the face of God day by day as I walk in the light of His daily sufficient grace.

21 thoughts on “So this is how it feels to flunk…”

  1. Sometimes, when I need an injection boost, I’ll tag something with the Blogging101 tag and my post will show up in those fresh, excited young minds that are addicted to their new hobby and they’ll be so upbeat in the responses that it gets me all excited again. Like, for example, the event one. I remember we touched on events in 101, so when I created my event I have added a 101 tag… sometimes things just need to be more fun. Injecting myself into their classrooms for an afternoon, is helping me maintain the excitement I felt before I found myself mistakenly taking an honors in blogging course! LOL.


    1. That is just so true. At least you only do it “sometimes”. I have a 101 tag for all my 201 posts only because I feel that going through the latter will make-up for my failure in the former. But come to think of it, I may just subconsciously have that same reason as you! I was thinking more like-minded people are still probably in 101. After all, I should be a repeater technically! I really love that you came up with an event, by the way. Keep those energy levels high! It’s contagious!:)

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      1. I love that you find me inspiring to you because you and your blog totally are inspiring me full-steam ahead! LOL…

        I finished creating your “reward”. You’ll get it sometime next week! Yay! (Yes, it was a lovely distraction from doing the audit of my site LOL!)


  2. I feel exactly the same! I was good for about 4 days, but then the old thing of life getting in the way, being away most weekends in Jan etc etc meant I didn’t complete them all. Some of the technical ones I’d already ticked off just by nosing about when I was meant to be writing Blogging 101 posts! So yeah, I wasn’t the best student either but I wouldn’t say we need to be hard on ourselves for it. Good luck for 201, I’m not hardcore enough for that yet!


    1. Thanks @Lucy! I guess, we should just keep on trying. It’s really difficult to stick to doing the daily assignments but I guess, it also helps us get into the habit of squeezing in blogging into our already busy lives. I’m not hard core either, just keeping my hopes high (and being ambitious actually). Happy blogging to us!!!

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  3. I took blogging 101 and I did pretty much every assignment there was except the last two days because sleep is also important to me.

    I looked to see what blogging 201 was about and it didn’t appear fun….so I went back to blogging 101 so I can continue to post and learn some things that didn’t stick the first time.

    If you feel like you can move on and don’t want to look back – that’s great….but the courses aren’t pass or fail. If they were…I think a lot less people would take them.

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    1. You are right, and thanks to the fact that there’s no pass or fail, I can still continue blogging with my head up high. LOL. But then again, I can also revisit Blogging 101 assignments and still try to do those I missed. I agree with you, 101 seems a lot more fun. 201 is more like the “let’s get down to business” type. 🙂


      1. Let me know after you finished your two weeks what you think. I think after finishing blogging 101 that I might continue with photography 101 or something.


      2. I will for sure, @sinroze! In fact, I’ll try as much as I can to write about my learning everyday so you can have some sort of preview to what 201 has to offer! 🙂


      3. Really enjoyed your post about failure, LOL. Sincerely, it was cute, the image was adorable and well, we’ve all struggled to find our way in this new universe they call the Blogging World. I am so far behind in 201 I know that I’ll have to take it over because I’m drowning… the pace is just not doable. (Fortunately, the second time around, it’ll be less work as I won’t have to repeat those I’ve already performed. I hope you’re finding 201 rewarding and continue doing your blogging your way. Because it should be about you and no one else. Your blog, your way… as I see it, there is no formula to success, not even these classes, though they do help me to learn what it is I don’t know!

        I would definately consider doing 101 again, it is definately more beginner friendly and a great way to make new connections. Just skip the ones you’ve already done, or hell, as I said, do it your way!

        All the best,

        ☀ Memee


      4. You couldn’t have said it any better. I might as well just say I actually drowned—in 4 days worth of assignments. They are just impossible! They are only doable if I leave my day job and do this blogging full time! I don’t know how others do it. But I’m slowing down and taking my time. And I definitely am not able to turn my blog into a hub in one day (a few hours actually)! Yes, 101 is more beginner friendly. Actually 201 is more for celebrities or business people or those looking at making a career out of popularity! I don’t think I’m here blogging because I only want to have 4,000 followers (although that would be nice). It’s just beginning to be too overwhelming when everything is about increasing stats and higher traffic! It’s like going to work for another boss after a tiresome day at the office. Arrggh! It’s just too big a task for me right now (or this may also be just my mood today)! I’m juggling too many priorities at the moment. So yeah, let’s do it our way, @memeethemuse! 🙂


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