Chasing Numbers, Catching Love

I checked my stats. I wasn’t particularly fond of it due to: first, my lack of familiarity on how to use it and second, my lack of interest—which is the result of trying to save myself from being either discouraged or motivated by something outside of myself. I want my motivation to come from inside so it will always be sustainable. As I wrote about in the post “To Blog or Not to Blog”, I want to blog for myself first and let everything else follow. That may sound selfish but think about it, can what I write be of any interest or help to others if I, myself, was only pressured towards writing it? If I was too focused on external factors, will I not become uncomfortable writing about the madness of my own thoughts? Will I not be lead towards putting others’ own ideas and society’s impression first? Nothing is totally wrong with that. It’s just that…the brand, this blog may grow but something will else will die—the deranged poet, the visionary, the writer will die. Michael Cunninghum warned about that in his novel, “The Hours“:

“Oh, pride, pride. I was so wrong. It defeated me. It simply proved insurmountable. There was so much, oh, far too much for me. I mean, there’s the weather, there’s the water and the land, there are the animals, and the buildings, and the past and the future, there’s space, there’s history. There’s this thread or something caught between my teeth, there’s the old woman across the way, did you notice she switched the donkey and the squirrel on her windowsill? And, of course, there’s time. And place. And there’s you, Mrs. D. I wanted to tell part of the story of part of you. Oh, I’d love to have done that.”

“Richard. You wrote a whole book.”

“But everything’s left out of it, almost everything. And then I just stuck on a shock ending. Oh, now, I’m not looking for sympathy, really. We want so much, don’t we?”

-Richard & Mrs. D, The Hours, Michael Cunningham, 1998

But wait, I got a little derailed. I was about to tell you about my Blogging 201 assignment. So I checked my stats but refused to “analyze”. Goodness, this class just asked me to audit (what used to be my day-job) for the last two days, and now I’m being asked to analyze (what my current day-job is purely made of)! I thought when I’m in blog world that I can escape from them for a while but look at how unforgivingly clingy they can be. (There I am diverting again from that assignment! Focus, focus, focus!)

Whatever I say, I still needed to do the assignment. So here are three good-to-know facts I’ve gathered from my stats page:

1. The highest viewed post ever was “How Much Does Mr Right Really Cost?“. It was viewed even more than the Home Page. More surprisingly, it has also garnered the highest number of shares. It’s funny because I shared this post in Facebook to comply to one of those Blogging 101 assignments and it barely had 10 likes and only 1 share–which last time I checked had only 4 likes and no shares. But there was a good count of viewers that my blog stats registered that day. They clicked on that post, read it and shared it. My, my.. what does this tell me? We are a society filled with people who are, try-as-we-may-to-deny-it, suckers for LOVE and happy endings. The assignment says “Give ‘Em What They Want“, well then… Hold on tight, ’cause I’ll give more love!

2. The blog has gained some traffic from my Instagram account. I haven’t linked it to my blog but I have the address displayed on my instagram profile. Wow, that just means social media links really help. I should be working seriously on this for the next few days.

3. Views, follows and comments peaked when I started using tags and categories. Well, this isn’t surprising at all but yes, I wasted a great deal of time writing and publishing under the default “uncategorized” category and NO tags.

Okay, item #3 made me seem really funny so you can laugh but hey, before you judge me, I was intending to concentrate on writing during my first blogging days and had little interest to know whether I got applauded for it. I said that not out of hypocrisy but out of insecurity. I wanted to be more confident before I let my thoughts out into the world for their scrutiny. Not that I am confident about my confidence level now, I still struggle. The difference is, now I try to keep to myself this thought: Handsome stats shouldn’t be the goal, it should only be the bonus that comes with reaching the goal.

But then again, it won’t really hurt to visit that stat page once in a while. If only to fine-tune those plans already drafted inside our heads.

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Sailing with the wind, fighting my way out of loneliness and into life, I seek the face of God day by day as I walk in the light of His daily sufficient grace.

14 thoughts on “Chasing Numbers, Catching Love”

    1. Hello @Jeanne! I personally think that if you are not comfortable yet, you shouldn’t do it. I was scared too. And up to now I haven’t even created a Facebook page for my blog, despite the blogging 201 assignments! I have shared but one post on my personal Facebook wall. I’m happy it worked but I didn’t have the courage to repeat the act. LOL! I’m no better than you. But maybe try just one post for today and see what happens? The worst could be that no one clicks on it, but then again, what’s there to lose? If you don’t share, no one will see your post from Facebook either!


  1. Keep writing inspite of the stats…I’m in the same boat figurativetly speaking…but it is such a huge relief to put those words out..especially those that we keep bottled up!


    1. Hello @ansumani! I feel obliged to apologize that after your kind words of encouragement I haven’t really published much. I have not found the time to write since Friday. It’s been really busy that’s why it’s so refreshing to see such a comment from you. Thank you. I will do just that, regardless of the little time that I have (much less to do the Blogging 201 assignments), I’ll find time to write about things that matter, low or high stats!


  2. I agree with the first point you make. I, too, want to blog for myself and not to satisfy the needs of others! I do find myself though caring about the amount of views my posts get, but at the same time I’m not willing to sacrifice my opinions in order to gain more views. My flatmate wrote a post a few months ago about those Kim Kardashian pictures and she received hundreds of views within a few hours. I wrote one a couple of days later about sports stars as role models, and it received significantly less views and interest. However, it was important to me to write about that topic and share my opinion, so I wasn’t going to let the lack of views dishearten me. I don’t want to plan what my next months worth of posts are going to be in order to increase my stats, I much prefer to write about issues as they arise, regardless of whether or not it is going to interest everyone else!


    1. Hi @laurajb7! I could not imagine myself writing an article about Kim Kardashian’s pictures. I would if I can relate that to why she would not be my role model so I completely understand you. Actually, the assignments in Blogging 201 lately might just be too heavy for me. I just can’t turn my blog into a hub connecting it to different sites. Popularity is one thing but fulfillment on your work is another. Hard core marketing might increase my stats but won’t really make me fulfilled. I admire you for making that stand on writing about issues that really matter, I think that should be the whole point of blogging. I noticed the posts closest to my heart (e.g. those related to God and my faith) get the least likes on Facebook (even from friends) but I still keep on posting them. So I’m used to not being popular. If we get low traffic, what have we to lose anyway? It is more important to get a few followers and likes from people who are like-minded or those having opposing in views, but nonetheless shares the same sphere of thoughts as you.

      Thank you for dropping by, your message meant so much! 🙂

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  3. Inspiring.
    You know what, I really love your writing style, format, links, almost everything. It is hard to read long posts but with this flow you can not complain.
    I wish you success, keep em posted!


    1. Hi @mboki_m, I’m happy that you find the articles easy to read. Sorry that I haven’t really kept them posted since I have been so busy lately! But thank you for inspiring me to write despite my circumstances. Your kind words keep me going! God bless you!

      Liked by 1 person

    1. Hello @tinyexpats! How’s your Blogging class assignments going? Obviously, mine’s not too good lately. I haven’t even replied to your comment til today (after 6 days!). Been so busy studying lately. Hope to catch up soon. The assignments are getting more difficult everyday.

      Liked by 1 person

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