My Passion is Equal to the Task

In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “Silver Screen.”

I promised to keep up doing Blogging 201 assignments on the day or on the weekend after that week. However, up until this morning, I was not able to turn in Friday’s assignment. It was asking me to make the most of my archive. I guess in a way, I’ve done that somehow by linking my most viewed post to my last post, which was in response to Thursday’s task. I can’t be satisfied with that, though. I had to do it even if it means, it’s 3am now and I’m still writing.

As of this moment, I’ve finished creating my “Best of” page. I entitled it “Featured Flavors” and you should now be able to see it on the sidebar (or on the menu if you’re on mobile view). What I did was to enumerate my favorite posts per category and per post, I’ve written down a short description so you may easily choose which one you’d like to read first. I will be updating this list every quarter (perfect time to start this since Flavored Lemons is now 3 months old). I’ve linked it to my about page and you may also check it through this link here.

Meanwhile, as I am accountable to all of you who read about my blogging goals, I’d like to apologize for turning in my assignment late and for still being behind by two days’ worth of tasks. I feel I owe you an explanation. You see, my other priorities kept me away from doing what I promised. When I’m in blogging world, I feel like leaving the real world behind. But then Earth keeps on spinning and reality catches up with me no matter how hard I try to escape it. While I made promises for my blogging goals, I have daily reading goals, too. I’ve already mentioned I’m currently working on getting the CPA Australia qualification and my first exam is fast approaching. By now, I should already be going through a second-round of reading the book but I’m barely halfway done finishing all chapters for the first round. I have three weeks’ worth of delays according to my self-imposed study calendar. So I thought, I’ll try and catch up on that. Though the heart is inclined towards writing, the mind is obliged towards reading and the latter rules when it comes to prioritization. As my husband pointed out, I have made a financial investment on that exam, paid the fees and gone through all those assessments to qualify to take it so I can’t really afford to fail. Much more if it’s because of blogging. He will turn into a monster and eat me whole, together with this laptop, if that happens.

As you can see, I’m trying my best to still sneak this post into my tight-as-a-Beyonce-concert schedule. I’ve tried drafting what I’ll be writing over my lunch break at the office and then finalizing by tonight, after reading two chapters of the CPA book. How is that? Is that challenging or not? Whatever, I’d say my passion is equal to the task*.

However, I’m afraid my energy isn’t. And I should go catch up with my sleeping hours now, it’s 3:40 am. Oh, and please pray I don’t get late for my “exciting” day job later. I have a big meeting today!

*I watched the movie The Prestige again the other day (yes, while reading) and remembered liking this Hugh Jackman line. Though it’s not my favorite movie, I feel the line is apt to my current circumstances and thought to respond to last Monday’s The Daily Post prompt with it.


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