A Little Valentines Surprise

Like last year, I felt that most likely I’ll receive no flowers for this Valentines. But THIS, I wasn’t expecting either. I’m not actually the type who posts photos of my gadgets on social media, I’m neither techie nor do I have much to “show off”. Living in the 20th century, is it too weird that this is my first Apple gadget? I’m proud of it not because of its brand, though. I’m overwhelmed by the fact that my husband, the ultimate cheapskate that he is, bought this to surprise me. Little does anyone know, cause I never really complained much about it, my 2-yrs old Samsung laptop retired exactly on the day we set foot on Sydney so we are sharing a run-down old model Acer laptop from his single days (which we both love so much and to which, by now, we are much indebted). Never did I expect to get such replacement for mine when I know he hasn’t even replaced his own. And getting this brand is very out of his character which makes the act all the more endearing. So I’m sharing the love I feel right now ’cause isn’t that what Valentines should be about?

Happy Love Day, everyone (singles and couples alike)!

P.S. Do you find this post short for my usual standard? That’s because I’m just so excited to publish this first post using my new laptop and I ought to be, as @ohmyglai pointed out, now I no longer need to blog from my smartphone!


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Sailing with the wind, fighting my way out of loneliness and into life, I seek the face of God day by day as I walk in the light of His daily sufficient grace.

5 thoughts on “A Little Valentines Surprise”

    1. This article is very raw and random, just shared what was going on inside my elated mind at that moment! I am glad you liked it. Am always reminded of God’s love every waking day I live with my husband. A God-fearing, Christ-loving, church-serving husband is all a wife needs on Love Day. But a MacBook Air to go with it isn’t bad as well! 😛 Have a blessed weekend! 🙂

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  1. How coincidental. My hubby splurged this Valentines and purchased a Dell laptop/tablet for valentines. (1) a laptop so that I could blog upstairs when he came home (instead of trapped in my office stuck on my Mac desktop) and on the go without dealing with my behind the times lagging iPad. (2) a Dell because as an early writer in high school and college I did all my writing on a Dell desktop which I continually reference the joy I had opening and using that cruddy Dell, so happy to have a computer all to myself. He thought it would be sweet and sentimental brand choice. Having trouble now adjusting back to the windows mentality, but it has definitely made life easier and I’m totally ecstatic!


    1. Looks like our husbands are made of the same stuff. When he gave mine to me, he said this is so I can experience blogging better ’cause he said he knows that old laptop can be really slow! They’re both really sweet to support us with our vice—writing and to sponsor our monetarily fruitless endeavours! Let’s toast to that! 🙂

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