Featured Flavors

We are pleased to present the Juicer-in-Chief’s Choice for this quarter’s Best Flavors. Here in Flavored Lemons, we like serving lemons in four flavors so check out our featured picks for the recommended serving:

God & Meaning

From Agnosticism to Love: a Journey

This is a personal article where I share my story of how I found love and peace of mind from depression, confusion and sheer disappointment with the world.

Love & Relationships

How Much Does “Mr. Right” Really Cost?

In this article, I tried to reveal the reality that goes behind the perceived benefits of finding a life partner. Here, I tried to list down what it really took me to find and keep the right one.

Career & Aspirations

One Day I’ll Be Free

I drafted this post while I’m in the office and my mind was wandering off from my desk. Need I say more?

Writing and the Reality of a Less than Ideal World

After day-dreaming, you wake up to reality realizing nothing has changed, so what now?

A Migrant’s Journey

Of Goodbyes and a New Beginning

My humble attempt to document that overwhelming feeling of leaving one’s comfort zone to face and dive head-on into a world unknown.

*Featured Flavor Sampler: A Taste of All Four in One*

Running Against Our Eternal Limitations (and never getting tired)

This article is a realization of why career and aspirations have always been important, how significant love and relationships are in motivating us to get out of the bed in the morning and why it’s not easy to live away from home—these…and relying on God’s promise for all the answers.

Featured Photo taken from best-posts.com


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