The Blogger

I am…the small i am by the grace of the great I AM.
Born in the incredible far east, @sassycare is living her happily ever after in the land down under.

I am an economist by degree, a finance analyst by profession.
In one of my dreams, I am a designer or an architect.
In following such dreams, I also became a floral designer.
If money’s not a problem, I’ll be a theater actress.
Ceterus paribus*, I am just a speck of dust floating along a backdrop of this fallen world of ours.

Despite that, I know God loves me.
and in my heart, I am a writer.

which I hope also goes for you.

*’ceteris paribus’ is a Latin phrase usually used in Economics. It literally means ‘all things unchanged’. In this context, it is used to refer to reality or status quo


3 thoughts on “The Blogger”

  1. love the introduction 🙂 just a little comment about the picture tho… it’s against the light, literally. Up to you how to take this comment 😀
    Most Christians will bask in that brightness because they want to reflect God’s light making them appear brighter and more positive.


    1. Hey @cyreign I never looked at it that way. While I would like to hide behind the cross and the glory of God, I think it would also be good for me to post a radiant photo of myself reflecting the light of God in my life, maybe other people would be attracted to that sunshine too. You are such a gem. Thanks for dropping by with your bright suggestion! updating the page soon..:)

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