What Kind of Idea Am I?

I am the purist, the absolute.
       I’d rather have it whole or nothing at all.
I persevere and am resolute.
       I neither doubt nor fear, I know who to call.

I am the unpopular and outdated,
       accused offensive and close-minded.
Though I’m the idea long lost in Eden,
       I stand my ground, I wait for heaven.

Unwelcome in this world, I strive to be heard.
       Small voice, big message, who will take heed?
Give me a chance I plead, you have been misled!
       Of this good news, won’t all be in need?

Wise men insist I’m nothing but cowardice.
      They hold fast to their ‘to dare is to live’
They say “I’d rather break than sway with the breeze”
       But pray if they do, will they then believe?

I was once that damn fool, too. I’m no better
      ’til one did come to give me his name.
He touched me and threw the old into the fire
       —that bloody-minded, ramrod-backed aim.

I am wisdom wandering to everywhere.
       On history’s pages, there I am found.
I fought against death to tell about power,
       Hope that makes even the empty abound.

Does it not take more courage to leave oneself,
       Kill what you knew, abandoning all?
Is it weakness to leap and jump to a cliff,
       Trust but in one to not let you fall?

When everybody laughs and says I’m a fool,
       I look up, trust he knows more than I.
Am I not the one always labelled uncool?
       You act like you’ve got sole right to cry!

I have it easy you say, you’re the rebel.
       But is not the world applauding you?
The new world grows weary of me, I can tell.
       I’m unbent though, I’ll uphold what’s true.

One day I’m certain the light will shine.
       Those who now are blind will discern at that time.
On that day I dread not to be me.
       I’m no fancy idea, in time you’ll see.

“But God shows his love for us in that
       while we were still sinners, Christ died for us.”

And is that not enough for me to live by?
       What good is this life? A short mission!
So what now, what kind of idea am I?
       The one Christ died for—I am Christian.


I wrote the poem above as a response to The Blacklight Candelabra Event‘s January 12 challenge, “What Kind of Idea Are You?” based on Salman Rushdie’s novel “Satanic Verses.” This quote from the book was turned into the participants’ writing challenge:

“What kind of idea are you? Are you the kind that compromises, does deals, accommodates itself to society, aims to find a niche, to survive; or are you the cussed, bloody-minded, ramrod-backed type of damn fool notion that would rather break than sway with the breeze? – The kind that will almost certainly, ninety-nine times out of hundred, be smashed to bits; but, the hundredth time, will change the world.”

This poem is also in response to Blogging 201’s assignment on participating to blog events. I responded to this challenge through a poem ’cause I wanted to try my skills at poetry. So I’m also joining another event, How Do I Love Thee Poetry Party that challenges participants to write a poem about love. I’m an amateur poet but I absolutely loved writing this. I’m passionate about what I was writing about and the challenge was really mind-boggling. I’d say poetry writing is therapeutic, something everyone should try. So why not grab your pen and try it now?

*I would like to apologize if the poem’s font size is too small for you. I need to accommodate mobile users and using this font size is the only way I retain the poem indentations and style on a mobile view. I will change the font size back to regular once I discover how to adjust the mobile view only.

Featured photo was taken from www.wallpapervortex.com

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Sailing with the wind, fighting my way out of loneliness and into life, I seek the face of God day by day as I walk in the light of His daily sufficient grace.

22 thoughts on “What Kind of Idea Am I?”

  1. Woohhhh !

    I’m a fan!!!!!
    @sassycare, You have written from the core of your heart..
    I cannot tell what hit me the most..each line is a big hit..
    I am amazed such things can also be put to words:)
    Woww!! hear the claps..
    Please keep posting!:)


    1. You got that right. I did write from the core of my heart. The most important decision I’ve made in my life is to follow Jesus and let him define who I am and who I will be. I’m glad that was reflected in this poem. I hope you become more his fan than mine by virtue of what he’s done. Nothing in this poem xan be credited to me, but all your admiration belongs to him. 🙂


    1. Hi reocochran! Thanks for that. As your byline says, “Relationships reveal our hearts.” That’s why I am overjoyed when you wrote I am so deep here cause that reflects how my relationship with Jesus has now become. I am encouraged to seek him even more.


    1. Thank you for taking the time to read it. I find it quite challenging to write something about oneself. Maybe that’s why it took me the quote from the novel and for you the song to inspire us to ponder on that question and write about who we truly are. 🙂

      Liked by 1 person

      1. That may be true. Revealing oneself is hard especially when you lay your souls there on a page for the world to see. It is also invigorating, freeing. I am looking forward to reading more of your posts later this afternoon 😉


  2. This is a great illustration of what I was referring to in my post yesterday. I applaud you for writing such a fantastic poem. Now; I can understand your point on how it is sometimes almost impossible to lead your own character or personality especially if you’re sunk into a deep emotional set, but I still stand by my motto of full emersion into some state for a while and then go on to the other. It frees us and makes us more aware about our beings.
    I think we should talk more about this @sassycare .

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Hi RioGoda, I’m glad to have you drop by and read this. Thank you, really appreciate it! I would agree with you on your motto of immersion to a state (whether depressed, confused, happy or lost), THAT makes us human! That we jump from one to the other and in the process live and let live, that flow—we call it life ’cause THAT makes us feel alive. But I would like to propose that we stretch that idea further. To the point we uphold that all those states we have the pleasure and pain of immersing in have not been there by chance. But that they have been designed for us to embrace or repel or to your recommendation, immerse in. To recognize that there is a great master who orchestrates the flow. That our lives, while we have the pleasure to live it, are in someone’s full control in the greater scheme of things. Embracing one part (your motto) but rejecting this other end (my proposal) will spell a great deal of difference between our views. While accepting it will tie loose ends (Live and Let Live and then what? Why? What for?). The most wonderful thing about accepting the view is that this conculsion follows: in all these ‘states’, in every phase we jump into, we can be sure we aren’t alone. The great designer is in control. And he offers us to become friends with him. Isn’t that awesome? I firmly believe life can’t gives us lemons, the life’s maker does! And if my perspective is right, isn’t that worth your silver thoughts?


  3. That was an amazing poem, didn’t feel like it was written by an amateur at all. You brought forth your ideas with clear determination. Good job, I’m envious of you now, haha! Keep rhyming 🙂


      1. Oh, THAT’S pretty overwhelming! The thing is, I’m not confident with rhymes, and I’m trying post an article everyday as well. Can I take you up on that sometime later? I have your address, haha. 😛 but thank you so much for asking! I’m really flattered. 🙂

        Liked by 1 person

  4. And now on to your poem. The very first thing I read (because i was coming from the redirect of your commenting to me) was that you are an amateur. Then I get over here and see this amazing poem that is not only beautifully formatted, deep in thought but it is also lengthy and rhymes too!

    My thought is that we must all still carry a great deal of left-over high school anxiety about what poetry is supposed to be. Everyone entering my challenge says they’re an amatuer or a beginner but everyone, and I mean everyone is producing these amazing poems! You’re a poet. Maybe you haven’t written a lot of poetry, but you’re a poet!

    Now, in regard to my event #howdoilovetheepoetryparty I’ve been getting some notifications that the site has stopped working correctly. I have to work today, but hopefully, crossing my fingers, if you cannot upload your love poem today, it will be resolved by tomorrow. The event ends on the 20th so keep checking back. I am submitting a help ticket with inlinkz this morning before I head out!

    ☀ Memee


  5. @sassycare… I dont’ know if this will help, but on mine I discovered that hitting the shift and enter key together and the break I am looking to create takes me down one line without a space inbetween (like when we write here). In my theme, it stopped the automatic default spacing and wrap-around so it gave me the control to make it look how I wanted it to look. Good luck!


  6. Hi @andreabadgley! I cannot get into Blogging 201 The Commons so I decided to ask my question for you here, I hope you don’t mind. The poem I published has the design/indentations I had in mind when I’m viewing from desktop/laptop. However, in mobile view, the space for poem lines gets narrower so the lines get broken. Words supposedly in one line appear on the next (the indentations/ poem design is ruined), how do I resolve this? Help please!


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